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Greater Pensacola society for human resource management


December Monthly Meeting

  • December 12, 2018
  • 11:15 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Pensacola Bay Center, 201 E Gregory St., Pensacola, FL 32502


  • Member of GPSHRM Chapter

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Adaptive Leadership:

Equipping People and Teams with the Confidence and Capacity to Align their Work and Solve Real Problems

Speaker:  Kimberly Krupa, Director of Achieve Escambia


Equipping people with the information to drive real results also means empowering them to navigate big, complex, “wicked” challenges. But getting a clear handle on the problem or issue you are trying to resolve is not easy. Einstein famously said, “If I had 20 days to solve a problem, I would use 19 to understand it.” Companies can hire the best of the best in a particular field, but if they’re solving the wrong problem, they’ll end up right where they began, or worse, wasting time, money and resources while deluding themselves into believing that everything is OK.

Drawing from principles identified by Harvard University’s Ron Heifetz and Marty Linsky, Adaptive Leadership is a framework that helps people and groups adapt to changing environments and effectively respond to recurring problems. Every organization is confronted with persistent, recurring problems. They often fall back on obvious solutions such as applying new technologies, recruiting experts or improving processes. In most cases, this is done in a hierarchical way with the top layer of management being responsible for finding the right solutions. An adaptive challenge flips the script on this by involving the entire organization in the search for the cause of problems and their possible solutions. This not only builds ownership, it builds resilience and strength.

Adaptive Leadership can help when there are no easy solutions available. It’s a critical skill for anyone looking for systematic changes in an increasingly complex world. Adaptive leaders learn to control the context through experiments. They cultivate a diversity of viewpoints in order to generate a large number of options. They lead with empathy, reward performance with the gift of trust and autonomy, and find winning solutions for all stakeholders.

Learning Objectives: 

    • In this workshop, participants will learn the principles of Adaptive Leadership and how to apply these lessons to issues in their own lives and organizations. Nobody wants to change for change’s sake. 
    • Because you can’t solve issues you’re not talking about, participants will learn how to conduct a root cause analysis to get to the core of the problem they are trying to solve.
    • Real results in three stages:
      • A check-in alignment quiz will help participants understand if their organizations are working together effectively or if there is a need for improvement.
      • Checkpoint will allow participants to begin solving for themselves the issues raised in the alignment quiz
      • Checkout will give participants clear action steps to take to become adaptive leaders

    Kimberly Krupa Bio.pdf

     This event has been approved for one (1) HRCI and SHRM credit. 

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